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Park Yoon-Kyung: Painting Tower

Soluna Fine Art is delighted to present our second major exhibition, Painting Tower, a solo exhibition showcasing the ground-breaking works of Korean Painter Park Yoon-Kyung. Park's work innovates the convention of painting and provoke the Asian contemporary art scene. With playful, vigorous brush strokes the artist applies bright and vivid combinations of colors across a translucent surface, allowing the paint drips and flows in various directions thus leaving traces of gravity and time into her paintings. Most often, her works are layers of incomprehensible letters and symbols which are delivered to the viewer as abstract images, while speaking to the audience of the invisible values such as human relations, the ambiguity between text and images, communication and the artist’s view to the present time and space in which her works and the audience both engage in.


One of the major work featured in the exhibition, also named ‘Painting Tower’ is an installation constructed by 6 different paintings settled in space. The settlement allows the viewer to move around the ‘tower’ and interact with the work from different perspectives. For this reason, the work and the audience will establish an intimate relationship with each other, while the audience engages with the work with an active gaze, they are encouraged to observe the piece with more attention. In addition, specially made for this particular exhibition with Soluna Fine Art in Hong Kong, there is a new series of paintings which is similar to the traditional Korean painting ‘문자도,’(Moon-ja-do) interpreted and done in a contemporary way. Park took the shared characters in both the Korean and Chinese languages, transforming them into new imageries to stimulate cultural ideas and visual pleasures to the Hong Kong audience. 


Park Yoon-Kyung was born in South Korea in 1976, and received her MFA from both the University of London and Hongik University in South Korea. During her time in London, Park discovered the method of painting on silk and chiffon, which then became the huge turning point for her artistic career. By applying multiple layers of paint on translucent materials, she cleverly combines the recto and the verso of a canvas, exposing the space behind and turning all three spaces into one work. Much like Lucio Fontana and his well acclaimed Spatial Concept Series, Park’s work breaks down the boundaries between dimensions, but in a more delicate and subtle way. 


Painting Tower marks Park Yoon-Kyung’s debut exhibition with Soluna Fine Art, demonstrating yet another marvelous collision of the Western and Asian cultures. For more information, please contact

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