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24 September - 24 October 2020


Past Exhibition

Copy_of_breeze-13_65_×_46 cm_drawing_o

 Obangsaek: Vermilion

According to Korean tradition, the colour red associates with the south, fire, and “Yang”. With its powerful yang energy, vermillion is believed to ward off evil spirits and dictate the lives of living things. Throughout this collection, the works of art embody the essence of the colour vermillion: creation, passion, and love.

p1929-Electronic Nostalgia_Diamond Mount

Electronic Nostalgia

Living through the transition between the analog generation and digital generation, Kim Young-Hun is passionate in observing and deciphering the unknown between the 1 and 0 of binary codes. For Kim, such incomprehensibility intrigues him to create disoriented and euphoric paintings: Inspirations such as stripe covered light bulbs, white noise from digital screens, and invisible vibrations from string instruments allow Kim’s works, in his wordings, to “...generate an electronic-like abstract painting language that interferes with some parts of the ambiguous boundaries of our ever-changing digital or reality lives”.

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Indigo/blue is balanced by red in the Korean flag. While red represents the passionate energy of life, indigo/blue represents its opposite, silence and calming energy. This exhibition will be part of the Obangsaek Series, a series of five exhibitions aim to explore and analyze art works constructed with the Five-Orientation-Colour, all created by emerging and established Korean contemporary artists.

01 Wave 130x194cm 2007_edited.jpg

Ways of Water

Ways of Water is Korean female painter Jang Young-Sook’s first solo exhibition with the gallery, following her brief but successful debut at Art Central 2019. This exhibition showcases 9 works selected from the mid 2000’s Water Period of Jang’s extensive oeuvre, including works from the Wave Series and the Waterdrop Series.



Marking one of its most important exhibitions since its opening, Soluna Fine Art presents Colour-Fullness, a revolutionary exploration of the connections between Op Art and Dansaekhwa. The gallery will exhibit two of the most iconic artists from Korea: Park Seo-Bo and Choi Myoung Young in dialogue with Puerta Roja’s Op Art masters; Carlos Cruz-Diez and Luis Tomasello. 



Song Kwangik is a painter whose innovative approach to his art challenges the conventional ideas of painting and sculpture, by combining abstraction, spatiality and his cultural background using acrylic paint and Hanji. Song’s practice recalls the fundamental philosophy – Wu Wei (무위, or 無為) of Tao: “inexertion”, “inaction” or an “attitude of genuine non-action, motivated.

_GR_9854.jpg. 숲으로 들어가니. Walking into the

Happy Days Are Here Again

Kim created 8 pieces of new works painted with brilliantly vibrant colors, he divided the canvases into two sections, one filled with his iconic big heart figure and the other with the work titles written in Chinese. Other works in this exhibition include numerous birds and blossoms paintings, with Chinese characters like “Fortune” and “Spring” which resembles “the new beginning” in Korean culture. 


Morning Rise

Morning Rise is an exhibition dedicated to seven artists whose works symbolically indicate the rising of Korean contemporary art and culture. In their own way, each individual artists dedicated their works to the Korean traditions and histories and profoundly show their respect to the nation while showcasing their extraordinary craftsmanship and talent.

Urban Oyssey

Urban Odyssey

Soluna Fine Art proudly presents Urban Odyssey, South Korean photographer

Kim Woo- Young’s debut exhibition in Hong Kong and with the gallery. Within the exhibition Soluna Fine Art will present twelve photographs, highlighting Kim’s signature of seamlessly connecting the colours between wall surfaces and lines as well as the streets in his photographs.

Breathing of Light 19MA02(80x120cm)b.jpg

Breathing of Light

In this latest series, Lee has created works that explore the materiality and phenomenological metamorphosis of glass to examine the concept of ‘정중동’ ‘靜中動’ (movements in stillness). Titled, Breathing of Light, these works predominantly work with a base layer of flat painted mirror and laminated glass primarily utilising red, yellow and blue, with three dimensional wedges of glass arranged irregularly on the surface.

breeze-13_45x26cm_drawing on canvas_2018


The Breeze series comes from Park’s extensive research on organic shapes and colors by monitoring natural movements and its effect on human life. The term Fractal image, also known as expanding symmetry, is encountered ubiquitously in nature due to its tendency to appear nearly the same at different levels. Park Ji Sook creates fractal patterns that derive from organic shapes and movements to reveal her interpretation of the human-nature relationship.


Painting Tower

Painting Tower is a solo exhibition showcasing the ground-breaking works of Korean Painter Park Yoon-Kyung. Park's work innovates the convention of painting and provokes the Asian contemporary art scene. With playful, vigorous brush strokes the artist applies bright and vivid combinations of colors across a translucent surface, allowing the paint drips and flows in various directions thus leaving traces of gravity and time into her paintings.

Pian: The Other Side

“Pian: The Other Side” dedicated to four Korean Contemporary artists whose works meditate on the idea of an eastern philosophy that searches the mental state of freedom and enlightenment, through organic forms of body, shape and line.


Buncheong Landscape

Buncheong Landscape is meaningfully devoted to the celebration of the grand opening of Soluna Fine Art Hong Kong. Buncheong is a type of ceramics from the 15th - 16th century during the Joseon dynasty in Korea. Lee Kang-Hyo has spent over 30 years to reinterpret Buncheong ceramics to contemporary objects.

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