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Choi Myoung-Young

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Choi Myoung-Young is a leading figure in the Dansaekhwa movement and contemporary Korean art. Dansaekhwa, which translates as “monochrome painting”, was formalized in the 1970’s in reference to Korean artists who redefined abstract painting in reaction to a turbulent socio-political environment. At the heart of Dansaekhwa is the eastern philosophy of ‘無為 (Wu Wei)’; the concept of non-action, to exist in stillness and let things take their course.

Choi’s artistic practice began taking shape while studying at Hongik University. In 1962, he graduated and co-founded the artist collective “Origin” with Suh Seung Won and Lee Seung Jio. Whilst each artist had a distinctive style, they were united in expanding the boundaries of Korean abstract art. Choi’s focus was the tactile experience of placing pigment onto the plane while letting go of all other intentions. With form, content and individual expression put aside, the artist was absorbed by subtle characteristics of his own actions. Using his bare hands, he would experiment with the quantity of color, as well as the pressure, speed and motion when it was applied to the surface.

Selected Works



Choi Myoung-Young


Conditional Planes S18-03, 2018

Acrylic on graph paper 
55 x 78 cm

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