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Morning Rise: Object and Design Exhibition

Soluna Fine Art is delighted to present “Morning Rise”, an exhibition dedicated to seven artists whose works symbolically indicate the rising of Korean contemporary art and culture. In their own way, each individual artists dedicated their works to the Korean traditions and histories and profoundly show their respect to the nation while showcasing their extraordinary craftsmanship and talent. In Korean cultural objects and symbols, one would often find The colors of Obangsaek (five cardinal directions: Blue – East; Red – South; Yellow – Center; White – West; Black – North), colors that not only represent the five directions but an element or a season. In this exhibition, Soluna Fine Art has selected works that show the five attractive colors, combined with interesting subject matters and visuals to celebrate the cultural values that are important to the gallery.

Exhibited artists include Chung Hae Cho, Lee Kang-hyo, Jeong Myoung Jo, Huh Sangwook, Lee Kyouhong, Chung Kyeongmee, and Kim Yongchul.

The exhibition starts on 14th to 27th February, 2019, please come and join us to admire artworks that represent Korean heritage at our gallery on Sai Street, Sheung Wan.

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