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Kickstart For 2019 - Current Exhibition And More.

Soluna Fine Art would like to wish everyone a happy New Year! 2018 has been a great year for us and thank you all for supporting us, we will continue to deliver more exquisite and exciting Asian contemporary art exhibitions in the coming year. To have a brand new start of the year, Soluna Fine Art is delighted to invite you to visit our current exhibition, Painting Tower, a solo exhibition showcasing the ground-breaking works of female Korean painter Park Yoon-Kyung.

By first applying multiple layers of transparent acrylic on the chiffon, Park plays with bright and vivid combinations of colours, letting the paint drips and flows in various directions, thus leaving traces of gravity and time into her paintings. Park’s spring of inspiration is the incomprehensibility of language and symbols. By delivering abstract images, Park conveys metaphysical ideas and raises intriguing questions about human relations, ambiguity between texts and images, communication, and time and space.

The exhibition ends on 26th January, 2019, do not miss the chance to admire such creative artworks by Park Yoon-Kyung at Soluna Fine Art. Stay tuned and join us to embark on an inspiring journey of Korean contemporary art.


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