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Joanne Chan

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Joanne Chan (b. 1992) graduated from Chelsea College of Art (University of Arts London), with a major in Fine Art in 2015. Joanne's daily grounding meditation and spiritual practice also extend to her development of abstract, color-field paintings. While the creative process of doing gestural spraying and painting is profoundly cathartic to her, these expansive, vibrant colors themselves demonstrate the effects of traversing between energy, consciousness, non-dualism, and creation. By infusing her energy and qi into the meticulous movements during the creative process, Joanne continues her spiritual practice that enhances her intuition, mindfulness, and definition of personal utopia. Just as the essence of abstract art involves the utilization of colors and forms to enable dialogues on a metaphysical level, her spiritual abstract paintings may also invite the viewers to investigatively read and make personal identifications. With works showcased in exhibitions in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, and the UK, Joanne is one of the emerging artists in Hong Kong who continues to gain momentum and establish a reputation in both local and international art scenes.

Selected Works

Joanne Chan, Elemental Kingdom - Dancing Nature (air, fire, and earth), 2018, Spray on aluminium  93


Joanne Chan

Elemental Kingdom - Dancing Nature (air, fire, and earth), 2018

Spray on aluminium

93.5 x 32.6 cm

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