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Chung Hae-Cho


Chung Hae-Cho uses hemp and lacquer as his primary medium, because those are the things that are very beloved by him from his childhood. During his time in college, Chung noticed the lack of knowledge being taught about lacquer, and had decided to approach the traditional craftsman to learn more about the technique. The shapes in his works are influenced by river stone that are worn out by the streams into smooth pebbles and the complex process that accumulated the pebbles. The colours of his works reflect the obangsaek - the five directional colours, the tradition colours of Korea (Red, Yellow, Blue, Black and White).

His work is in the collection of the British Museum; Victoria and Albert Museum in the UK; and the Philadelphia Museum of Art in USA. His work has been shown at COLLECT in the UK; SOFA Chicago in USA; Maison et Object and Révélations in France.

Selected Works

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