Kim Yong Ho

Photographer Kim Yong-ho, based on his concrete daily experiences, managed to grasp his own memory with unexpected composition, and featured as strange objects or his own creature.

He built the base of photo exhibition of famous persons with the Korean Cultural and Artistic Masters Exhibition (held at the Star Tower, and supported by the Benz Auto Company) in 2003;

He became known as the recorder who tries to record existences beyond the visible world at the Beyond the Wall Exhibition at the AvenueL Gallery, Lotte Department Store in 2005.

At the Ferragamo Florence, Firenze Scenery Exhibition in 2007, his photos were evaluated as the most unique landscape photos. His warm sight and reflection on human beings were shown in various exhibitions such as the Stories Shared by Beautiful People Exhibition (held at the Gongpyeong Art Center, and sponsored by the Areumdaun Foundation) in 2003, the Hello, Mr. Hope of Korea Exhibition (held at the gallery of the Press Center, and sponsored by the Himang Jejakso) in 2006, and the Record of Sharing for Houses Exhibition (by the Jimmy Carter Project, and sponsored by the Habitat) in 2010. His photos at the Mom Exhibition (at the Daerim Art Center and the Space Noon Gallery, Art District, 789 DDasanz, Beijing) in

2008 displayed problematic views on human body.

At the Pian Exhibition in 2011, the Records of Invisible World beyond This World of Kim Yong-ho was evaluated as having completed a new narrative on the border of light and darkness.

Selected Works


Kim Yong Ho



84 x 84 cm (33 1/10 x 33 1/10 in.) 

Limited Edition of 8, for Korea Women Association Auction Event. 



Kim Yong Ho



84 x 84 cm (33 1/10 x 33 1/10 in.) 

Limited Edition of 8, for Korea Women Association Auction Event. 


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