Joanne Chan

Graduated from the University of the Arts London - Chelsea College of Arts, Joanne Chan (b. 1992, Hong Kong), through mindfulness practices, creates abstract paintings that traverse between energy, consciousness, non-dualism, and creation. Just as the essence of abstract art, of which artists utilise colours and forms to create an interpretive and metaphysical dialogue with viewers, Joanne highly focuses on her meticulous gestures during the creative process. Through her continuous spiritual practice that enhances sixth sense and intuition, and ignites a passion to pursue beauty, Joanne infuses energy or qi in her lively rhythm and elegant painting movement. Her spiritual abstract paintings guide the viewers to start on a self-reflective journey that provides alternative perspectives of comprehending worldly phenomena and investigate their identities. With works showcased in local and international exhibitions in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, and England, Joanne is one of the emerging artists in Hong Kong that continues to gain momentum and establish a reputation in both local and international art scenes.

Selected Works

Arrival, 2020, Oil, acrylic, spray and m

Joanne Chan

Arrival, 2020,

Oil, acrylic, spray and mixed media on canvas,

205 x 320 cm

Common Ground, 2020, Oil and spray on li

Joanne Chan

Common Ground, 2020,

Oil and spray on linen,

120 x 160 cm

Landing, 2020, Acrylic and spray on line

Joanne Chan

Landing, 2020

Acrylic and spray on linen

80 x 100 cm

Guan Yin, 2016, Spray on canvas, 120 x 1

Joanne Chan

Guan Yin, 2016

Spray on canvas

120 x 100 cm

Morion Gem, 2018, Spray on aluminium, 20

Joanne Chan

Morion Gem, 2018

Spray on aluminium

20 x 25 cm

Sun Moon Lake, 2018, Spray on canvas, 32

Joanne Chan

Sun Moon Lake, 2018

Spray on canvas

32.6 x 93.5 cm

Elemental Kingdom - Dancing Nature (air,

Joanne Chan

Elemental Kingdom - Dancing Nature (air, fire, and earth), 2018

Spray on aluminum

93.5 x 32.6 cm

Utopia 26_62, 2015, Spray on canvas, 91.

Joanne Chan

Utopia 26:62, 2015

Spray on canvas

91.5 x 30.6 cm