Huh Sangwook

Huh Sangwook is a ceramic artist based in Seoul, South Korea. He mainly practises Buncheong, a unique type of Korean ceramics, and is known for the animated motifs and the bakji sgraffito technique that has been central to his work. Huh uses the expressive technique of traditional Buncheong to create contemporary ceramics. The method of including surface design and applying the Buncheong technique is the most important aspect of his work. Buncheong refers to dark stoneware covered with white slip and a clear glaze. His process uses traces of the past to create new interpretations. The distinctive style of Huh’s Buncheong has been  favored by ceramic amateurs both domestically and internationally.


Huh's work has been presented in numerous exhibitions and  biennales including World Ceramic Biennale Korea and Cheongju Craft Biennale and is housed by Victoria & Albert Museum, Crafts Museum in New Delhi, Musée Ariana in Geneva, Gyeonggi Ceramic Museum among others. 

Selected Works

허상욱 (1).jpg

Huh Sangwook 

Staccato Stools, 2016

Buncheong ceramics

Size Various

Huh Sangwook 

Buncheong Moranmoon Jar, 2018

Buncheong ceramic

45 x 40 x 40 cm

Huh Sangwook 

Buncheong Stool with Fish Pattern, 2018

Buncheong ceramic

38 x 38 x 38 cm

Hong Kong




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