Forthcoming Fairs

Art Central 2020

18 March - 01 May 

During ART CENTRAL 2020, Soluna Fine Art proudly presents a group presentation with works by five Korean contemporary artists: Kim Young-Hun (1964), Lee Kang-hyo (1961), Lee Kyouhong (1972), Park Yoon-Kyung (1976) and Song Kwangik (1950). These artists challenge themselves in experimenting and innovate their artistic medium. The selected works by the five artists articulate and explore the ever-changing cycle of nature, of which resonates with the gallery’s name — Sun (‘sol’) and Moon (‘luna’) in Latin.


Their craftsmanship invites the viewer to experience the richness of form and color through a multitude of layers. By observing these artworks from different perspectives, they turn out to express an intriguing disruptiveness, pondering questions about the logic of nature and artistic traditions. Through mastering unconventional techniques and artistic approaches, these artists continue to stand out among their peers and draw critical attention in the Asian contemporary art scene.